Remanufacturing – the why, the how, the what

What business opportunities does remanufacturing offer and what are the environmental benefits? How does remanufacturing in turn change a product’s design? What remanufacturing processes are efficient?

ERN has gathered case studies to deepen the answers to these questions.

Click on one of the three themes below to learn more about how companies are making remanufacturing a successful reality.

Business models

Remanufacturing needs a viable business case.


Product design plays a significant role in determining the ease with which a product can be remanufactured.


Process technologies can be developed to increase the efficiency of remanufacturing operations.

Featured Case Study

ARP Laser Toner Cartridges

ARP Laser Toner Cartridges remanufactures empty HP laser toner cartridges to allow for price drop of at least 20%.

An empty laser toner has value. Collected by brokers, ARP Supplies buys and disassembles the empty toner. Components like plastic parts and screws are cleaned for reuse. Key functional components are replaced to guarantee optimal quality. Aluminum and iron parts are collected and shipped to a metal and iron recycler. 99% of all the plastics can be reused.

One of the challenges is that remanufactured cartridges have a doubtful reputation. Users believe a remanufactured cartridge influences the quality of printing while remanufactured cartridges reentering the market are performance tested for a 90/99% score of the initial performance.