Learn about Remanufacturing

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Learn About Remanufacturing

Over the course of five sessions we will explore relevant topics in regards to remanufacturing and provide insights into the latest developments and best practices that have emerged from the industry. The videos will highlight business models, product design, processes and policies surrounding the remanufacturing industry. You will learn about the meaning of remanufacturing from both the customer and manufacturer perspectives; how to create, capture and deliver value; and what obstacles and opportunities exist.



Course Videos

Remanufacturing - What's it All About?

From the definition to the meaning of remanufacturing for manufacturers and consumers, to the drivers behind remanufacturing and the future vision for the industry.

Other topics

Released November 22, 2016

Remanufacturing - Business models

Benefits and challenges of remanufacturing and the role of business models. How to create, capture and deliver value to customers with an economic and environmental advantage.

Released November 23, 2016

Remanufacturing - Design

Different approaches of product design and its role for remanufacturing. Why it is essential to consider it early in the process, which issues need to be addressed, and how it can contribute to the success.

Released November 24, 2016

Remanufacturing - Processes

Generic processes, obstacles, and how the best results in remanufacturing companies are delivered. Differences among industries, how performance is measured and what to consider for the future.

Released November 25, 2016

Remanufacturing - Policies

Consideration of the policy and skills requirements for remanufacturing, from a sector ­by­ sector to an at­ scale dialog and recent projects of the EU/ERN network.

Remanufacturing - Wrap Up

Closure of the course, a summary of the most important aspects of business models, design, processes and policies in remanufacturing.