What Circular Opportunities Lie in the Dutch Maritime Sector? - Remanufacturing news - 12th July 2016

The Dutch organisation Cirkellab has released a research report titled Circular Opportunities in the Maritime Topregion. The research has resulted in an overview of promising initiatives and innovations for the maritime sector in the Drecht Cities region (a conglomerate of towns and cities bordering each other in the delta area of the province of South Holland, Netherlands). The report focusses on the strong dominant position the maritime sub sectors have on the region’s economy and the opportunities and challenges created by the transition to a circular economy.

Three circular strategies (Recovery & Recycling, Repair & Remanufacturing and Redesign & Innovate) were used to  analyse the maritime sub sectors of inland shipping, sea shipping, offshoring, recreational shipping, shipbuilding and water-building. This has resulted in a map showing the most promising opportunities for circularity within these sectors.

The report argues that the maritime sector in the Netherlands is struggling. Harsh economic times have led to an overcapacity of ships. This results in the fact that the focus within the industry does not lie on innovation and building new ships, but more on upgrading, remanufacturing and refurbishing. Increasingly stricter legislation on emissions is adding to this trend, forcing shipping companies to refurbish and upgrade their ships to comply with the new emission levels.

Although in practise there is not a lot of structural research, education or innovation taking place on remanufacturing strategies, all of the current trends create a huge remanufacturing opportunity for the maritime sector.

Read the full report here (Dutch only)