ERN recognises academician Xu for global leadership in remanufacturing industry - ERN news, Remanufacturing news - 25th May 2016

欧洲再制造联盟很荣幸地表彰了徐滨士院士在再制造(循环经济的一个重要组成部分)发展过程的全球领袖的作用。徐院士将应邀提交欧盟和中国今后联合开展的再制造研究的优先主题。这些优先主题将在欧洲再制造委员会正式宣布成立之日公布。欧洲再制造委员会将由企业为主导,选址在欧洲议会中心的布鲁塞尔。作为该机构的管理方,Oakdene Hollins也将在 网站上。宣布该机构成立的消息。

The European Remanufacturing Network is pleased to recognise Academician Xu for his global leadership in developing remanufacturing as a key part of the circular economy.

Academician Xu will be invited to submit priorities for joint research between the EU and China.  These research priorities will be published at the launch of a new business-led Council for Remanufacturing located next to the European Parliament in Brussels.  Oakdene Hollins is announcing the creation of this business-led Council today at

编辑须知 / Notes to editors

这一公告将在英国再制造业专家代表团访问北京和上海之际发布。该访问活动由英国国外联邦事务部资助,由中国再制造国家重点实验室和英国布莱顿大学联合组织。即将在布鲁塞尔成立的以企业主导的再制造业委员会将由Oakdene Hollins公司管理。

This announcement is made at the close of a visit by a UK delegation of remanufacturing experts to Shanghai and Beijing.  The visit has been organised and funded by the National Key Laboratory for Remanufacturing in China.  The new Brussels-based business-led Council for Remanufacturing is being managed by Oakdene Hollins.

联系人 / Contacts

Dr Yan Wang博士, University of Brighton (布莱顿大学) – [email protected]

Mr David Fitzsimons, Oakdene Hollins – [email protected]